Middlebranch Labs Picture Page
One of our Training areas
Bailey, above, a full sister to Icis.
Luke, a Nina pup, training at 5
On the right, Spot, our
first registered lab, 1964.

And on the left, a big cat
treed by a very versatile
lab in 1967.
This is trout country too.
Left, for a while it was all hounds, and
above the first litter I raised, Black & Tans,
Zola, another Nina pup at 5 months.
Below,Nina with a nice drake,
and on the left, the reason we
go to North Dakota.
Ace, a pup from an earlier litter, half
sibling to Icis and Nina.
Luke, 2 months later with his first
We usually have snow from November to April
December Duck
Hunt  08 Last Chance.